The fuel additive tackling climate change

Opti-Innovations specialise in producing Opti-Diesel, a fuel additive that has been tested around the world and shown to significantly improve fuel consumption whilst saving money and drastically lowering harmful emissions. Opti-Diesel was initially developed in America by a research chemist, but was then further developed in the UK. It was eventually patented by Ted Dicken from Yorkshire, the owner of Opti-Innovations and a renowned entrepreneur noted for an invention that killed 99% of the H5N1 avian flu virus.

After 10 years of research and development, Opti-Diesel is finally being used in vehicles across the country and wider world, and is gaining recognition as a viable fuel catalyst with the potential to change the world.

The way Opti-Diesel works is by improving the process of combustion, which occurs within a vehicle’s engine. In a reaction such as combustion, activation energy is needed to cause compounds to react together. Comprised of multiple fuel-borne catalysts, Opti-Diesel significantly lowers the activation energy needed for fuel to combust, and hence to cause the vehicle to move the same amount. With less activation energy needed, less fuel is required, effectively saving money and reducing carbon emissions at the same time.

In fact, Opti-Diesel has been found to lower nitrogen oxide emissions by a staggering 99%. Similarly, a global mining firm tested the claims of Opti-Diesel and found that their nitrogen dioxide emissions were reduced by 55%, carbon monoxide by 75% and particulate matter by 47%. These tests have been carried out around the world in different engines under different conditions. This includes in the UK, to astounding results. Collett & Sons, a UK transport logistics company, tested the additive and a Scania vehicle revealed a 77% reduction in smoke and a new DAF 44 tone tractor unit with latest cleanest engine a Euro VI recorded a 50% reduction in smoke.

News of these results are currently taking the fuel industry by storm, with numerous companies from various industries testing the product to see how low their emissions can get and how high their cost savings. The UK government is even being urged to examine the fuel, whilst one of the largest supermarket chains across the country is currently trialling Opti-Diesel in 90 of their lorries.

The potential effects of Opti-Diesel are staggering, with the ability to slash the amount of harmful greenhouse gases currently being put into the atmosphere and hence significantly curbing climate change. Test after test have shown that if Opti-Diesel were added to the UK fuel supply chain, it would have the same effect as halving the amount of vehicles on the road.

In addition to its many benefits, Opti-Diesel is also easy to use. No modifications to the engine are needed. All the user need do is add the catalyst into the fuel tank or if operating a fleet, dispense the product into the bulk tank. Better yet, only 0.26ml of Opti-Diesel is needed to treat 1 litre of fuel. Opti-Diesel is also a low hazard material that can be easily transported and stored, even by air freight.

If you are interested in finding out more about Opti-Diesel and how you can lower fuel costs whilst lowering your carbon footprint, be sure to get in contact using the details below or feel free to check out the website.

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