Demon Designs: Experts in glass

Building Update is always looking to showcase companies who are offering only the highest quality services, delivering an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire working relationship. For this reason, we are proud to announce that Demon Designs has been chosen to receive our Design Company of the Year award. “The staff and I are very excited to have been selected for this award,” said Dominic Meakins, Managing Director. “It’s a really great way to start the year on a high!”

Established in 2011 by Dominic Meakins, Demon Designs specialises in bespoke solutions for glass structures, offering consultancy, design and build services to exceed its clients’ requirements every time. Fuelled by a commitment to excellence, the team at Demon Designs always goes the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction, no matter what the project size.

“We pretty much provide everything glass related,” Dominic explained. “A big seller last year was the switchable glass panels that turn from opaque to clear using a remote control or light switch. We can put this in almost any glass installation, from wall panels to windows – we have used it on glass floors and even to create a two-way mirror.”

One of Demon Designs’ key advantages is its comprehensive service, offering everything the customer might need for their project. “Many of our customers want the hassle removed. For example, if they want a walk-on glass floor installed, they don’t want to get a builder in to cut the hole, a plasterer to make good and a decorator to finish it off. We can do the lot, including engineers’ calculations.” Indeed, with the ability to provide a one-stop-shop for all project requirements, Demon Designs is the number one choice, no matter how complex the design.

Recently, Demon Designs joined Check-a-trade, with a view to obtaining more domestic customers in preparation for the uncertainty of the current commercial market. “This has had some success, but we still find that the vast majority of our customers are either returning customers or new customers by recommendation, and you can’t really get a better endorsement than that!”

Indeed, as well as a loyal customer base, this commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in impressive successes for Demon Designs over the past eight years, and this year has been no different. “It’s been an interesting year for us,” Dominic told us. “We have seen a shift in the type of projects we win, moving away from large commercial fit-out projects towards domestic ‘Grand Designs’ type projects and installations.
“In the past year we have designed and installed two glass stages, which were very interesting projects and highly pressured with regard to time and expectation. We were also very lucky to have been awarded the contract to install all the glass for the hospitality areas at Tottenham Hotspur football club, as well as fit out several of the NFL areas.”

In the coming years, Demon Designs is looking to complete more complex projects, to help the company grow even further and build upon its achievements since its inception eight years ago. “We want to take on more bespoke projects, big or small. I personally believe that you can only improve by pushing your boundaries, and this is true for business also. We are constantly taking on more challenging projects, often from other companies who don’t want the risk. The great thing about this is that we often work for companies that would be considered competitors in other fields.”
Indeed, Demon Designs’ future ventures are highly anticipated as it continually develops and improves upon its capabilities. The company is always interested in taking on new customers, either commercial or domestic, so get in touch using the details below or head to the website if you wish to discuss your ideas.

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