Encouraging growth in the manufacturing sector

With increased concern over the stability of the UK Manufacturing E&SW Knowles are breaking barriers by investing in improved machinery to improve lead times and give higher-quality services for customers.

By looking at what has worked for them for the past 95 years they have been able to expand and surpass their manufacturing capabilities to cater to a wider range of demands from customers. With a large focus on bespoke high specification doors. Knowles works with suppliers who manufacture high-specification products from, to manufacture the highest quality doors to suit each project’s needs, such as fire glass, anti-bacterial laminates and high-class laminates.

“As local experts in manufacturing we have looked at our current skills and created a market for technical doors that current manufacturers aren’t currently specialising i

n. With the increased press around fire-safety in new and renovated buildings we’ve used our experience to improve our specialisms in high-spec products. For House builders and developers, we’re now offering lower lead times due to our improved manufacturing capabilities, with IFC certified doors we can give our customers piece of mind”.

This change has increased their work-flow, thus by impacting suppliers across the UK and Locally, increasing their manufacturing output. The sector as a whole is seeing improvements in the Midlands, since 2016 output has increased by 41% and total sales are up by 32%.

When facing difficulties, Knowles has fought back by working closely with designers and specifiers. Using their experience in design and technical specifications to help coordinate working-design of buildings, used in conjunction with; Functioning Fire Doors, DDA compliant Vision Panels, Special laminates, such as anti-bacterial and ‘easy-wipe’ doors, for nursing homes and maternity wards.

The uncertainty of Manufacturing seems to be improving daily, as do the products and services of E&SW Knowles.