BauderROCK: Noise Reduction and Sound Absorption

BauderROCK insulation within a waterproofing system provides exceptional benefits for airborne sound and rain noise reduction, and sound absorption within a building. This insulation is suitable for all flat roofs utilising single ply or bitumen membranes in a warm roof construction.

BauderROCK is particularly beneficial where projects need to deliver a high level of sound diminution for the building occupants. Addressing the acoustic performance of a flat roof early in the design process is key in ensuring an effective solution. The three considerations in acoustic design are airborne sound, rain noise intensity and sound absorption.

Airborne sound
Airborne sound, such as road, rail and air traffic, and surrounding industrial operations is transferred from a building exterior envelope into the building interior. The BauderROCK mineral wool insulation significantly reduces noise transmission by 47-48dB (235mm-255mm) for noise transmitted through the roof.

Rain noise intensity
Rain noise reduction is a separate consideration, relating to the impact rainfall can have on the indoor noise levels. The BauderROCK predicted Rain Noise Intensity reduction measures between -52.0dB and -52.5dB (235mm and 255mm).

Sound absorption
Reducing this noise level is especially crucial in buildings such as sports halls and manufacturing plants where there is often a great deal of noise generated from within the building. BauderROCK Acoustic Infill provides high performance sound absorption when utilised with perforated metal decks.

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