A great ConSept from Allerton

Allerton UK is a leading off mains drainage company, covering sales, servicing, commissioning, and repairs of all types of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, sewage pump stations and soakaways. Working across the East Midlands and beyond, Allerton boasts a team of dedicated and experienced workers, all trained with British Water to ensure they are in the best position to properly assess a situation and correct it.

Established in 1974 by Jon Allerton, the company was originally concerned with draining farmers’ fields. However, in the late 1980s, Allerton needed a new direction, and so began its work in off mains drainage.

As well as its sewage treatment plants and sewage pump stations which are made on the premises, Allerton also makes the ConSept. This converts septic tanks into sewage treatment plants, and can be fitted without excavations, apart from the shallow cable and air pipe trenches. This means customers can save around £3,000+VAT by avoiding excavators on site.

The ConSept uses the existing septic tank, removing the need to install a heavy plant or new tank, and it is quick to install to save time, money, and disruption. Moreover, it is manufactured using high grade composite materials and non-ferrous components, meaning the ConSept does not corrode. The equipment also has low maintenance costs, requiring servicing just once a year and desludging and emptying once every two years. Allerton will of course service and maintain all their own equipment, servicing, repairs, and surveys of sewage treatment plants is a major part of their work. The final effluent is discharged into a watercourse or soakaway, and installation and commissioning by Allerton’s British Water Accredited engineers is included in the package.
Not only does Allerton install high quality units, the company also focuses on continual service of the equipment. This means that units Allerton has made and installed, of which there are over 1,200, are all still working efficiently across the country.

“In particular, we make sure everything is explained to the customer from the beginning and throughout the process, and we always do what we say we will,” said Jon Allerton, Director. “Minor problems are sorted out by engineers on site, and all the initial customer worries are dealt with in advance. We offer initial onsite advice, help with all paperwork such as planning and Environmental Agency permits, installation and ongoing servicing, including repairs. Every aspect of what we do is to please the customer.”

In line with its ongoing expansion, Allerton has been taking on more staff and training them all to British Water standards. “I’m 78 soon, and the company has been recently restructured and is now Allerton Bradley Ltd. Jason Bradley has been a large shareholder for several years, and has worked for the company for most of his life. His knowledge of all things sewage is vast, and at 36, he ensures the company can look forward to another 50 years of good service, and pleasing people!”

Allerton is continuing to expand, thanks to the real and immediate need of the company’s services. Allerton’s capabilities are helping people across the country save money, maintain their compliance with regulators, and ultimately protect the environment.

For more information on everything Allerton does, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

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