Be blown away by Vind-Vind

Vind-Vind is a wind comfort analysis company that provides digital wind simulations for urban planning. A family run business, Vind-Vind was established in 2012 by siblings Per and Leika Jørgensen.

“We started doing wind comfort analysis on the side of our ‘ordinary’ jobs, to be one of the leading companies in Denmark doing computational wind analysis.” Leika stated, “One of our goals from the beginning has been to be able to simulate wind loads. We have developed our simulations to handle atmospheric turbulence, which is crucial to do wind load simulation on buildings.”

They started their first assignment by coincidence in 2011. Some years earlier, Leika and Per both had some classes together in Fluid Dynamics, to combine need and pleasure. Leika explained, “We both needed the classes to finish our Master’s degree respectively as a Physician and Construction Engineer specialist in water building. In 2011, we talked about the possibility of using the same CFD-programs that find loads in water building, to find wind loads on ordinary buildings. Some months later an architect heard about our talk and asked if we could do a digital wind comfort analysis. We took the job and performed the task to great satisfaction and thus, the company was formed.”

Mainly focused on providing wind comfort analysis for urban planning, Vind-Vind provides customers with the tools to perform wind simulations for challenging construction projects. Using the company’s own simulation method which is based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations, the simulation enables users of Building Information Modular (BIM), such as architects, project leaders and engineers, to integrate wind simulations into their existing workflow.

“We mainly provide wind comfort analysis for urban planning, but we do all kinds of simulations of fluid dynamics in combination with constructions.” Leika continued, “We have done simulations of how the wind influences the smoke due to a fire, wind loads on façade elements, reducing the wave height near offshore platforms and pressure on façades due to permeability of cladding. Vind-Vind provides a comprehensive service for its customers, assessing the challenges that customers may find. “To get the best results, we need to understand the problem that the customer is facing.”

Displaying a wealth of experience from Per’s background as a highly qualified data analyst and Leika’s copious years working in project management for the building industry, Vind-Vind maintains a substantial amount of theoretical understanding of data analysis and fluid dynamics.

“We benefit from an internal knowledge of the building industry. Leika continued, “We have had some successful collaborations with architects adjusting significant buildings and urban areas due to the challenge of the wind, without compromising the architecture. Some examples include Nordbro in Copenhagen with Arkitema, and Karen Blixen Plads in Copenhagen with Cobe, both award-winning architectures. We also work with the Municipality of Copenhagen in development of the new town areas Nordhavn and Ørestad.”

One of the main focuses for Vind-Vind is working with customers at the earliest stages of planning, “We like to have a focus on the creative process, and get involved from an early stage. It is easier to make adjustments in the early stages, ensuring that it does not become an expensive process.”
Speaking of the company’s future plans, Leika told us that Vind-Vind will, “continue to expand on the type of services we can offer, and we seek to expand our market presence further in Europe. We are also focusing on wind loads. We believe that the programs and computer power will make the wind
load simulations possible.”

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