Attention Ladies!!!

Are you lacking passion, creativity, feeling stuck, or powerless?

Are you often angry, sad or weeping but can’t explain why?

Deep down you know something has to change, but you don’t know how or where to begin.

As women we often suppress our emotions and sacrifice dreams for families and career, hindering us from our greatest potential. Our drive now comes from serving others and we go through the motions of life, never feeling fulfilled.

Usually we’re in denial about our true feelings, relationships and work.

When you were a child, each day was filled with wonder. You had hopes, dreams, goals; you could become anything, go anywhere; but we ended up living others dreams.


The choices we had to make created unhealthy boundaries, the damage goes unnoticed until around age 40 (or under) when our physical and emotional health show signs of suffering. This is your heart, demanding you make time for yourself.


Every thought carries a frequency and each time you’ve had negative thoughts or attitudes towards yourself; your body subconsciously stores them. Over time you become blocked.


Using non-invasive technology E-Lybra scans, analyzes and balances you, by identifying and eliminating negative frequencies, never requiring you to disclose personal problems if you choose not to.

E-Lybra removes the obstacles causing your anger, anxiety, stress and sadness and eliminates barriers preventing you from reaching your true desires

Whether it came from childhood, stress, adolescence or trauma, E-Lybra will balance you; freeing you to become empowered.

You will feel happy, uplifted, lighter and confident, giving you the freedom and direction you deserve.

By not addressing your issues, you subconsciously add more stress. Pushing your happiness and well being further away.

Now take action and empower yourself.

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