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Undoubtedly as the populations of the United Kingdom and many other regions of the world are currently experiencing very restrictive and uncertain times, it is essential for all of us to remain positive.

Restrictions and barriers relating to social exclusion and inequality within the lifestyles of disabled people (and I include their carers and families) which have a direct impact on their health, wellbeing and self-esteem remain an all too common issue. Such barriers prevent disabled people from experiencing and enjoying as equal as possible lifestyles to those which non-disabled individuals take for granted. The fundamental needs required within our lifestyles such as education, employment, recreational and leisure pursuits are very often proving to be more difficult for disabled people to gain access to and enjoy. Read More

Leisure Solutions is proud to announce that Palma Palmer has received our Health and Wellbeing Excellence award. Based out of Leatherhead, Surrey, Palma Palmer is a life coach, public and motivational speaker, and confidence transformation coach. Driven by a passion for effecting positive change in people’s lives and building up people’s confidence so they can effect this change themselves, Palma is both well-endowed with experience and a genuine desire to help. Read More

Maestro Music Management is a small organisation that arranges professional concerts and specialist music events, featuring performances from the founders, Kim and Robert Colvill, as well as other world-class musicians. Formed around eight years ago, it was initially set up as a means of advertising piano and chamber concerts that Robin and Kim were arranging on their favourite island, Lanzarote. Since then, they have organised several larger scale events using their vast musical experience, and they have more recently been joined by the renowned baritone singer, John Morgan, as Artistic Director.

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Clearly Destiny is a spiritual centre offering spiritual services. They opened in 2013, with the ambition of creating a space for spiritual guidance. Based in London, founders Tracey and Lindsley were encouraged through the advice of spirit, to put their names into an anagram program, creating their business name: ‘Clearly Destiny.’ Read More